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Teaching Philosophy

  1. Good education is fun and practical.
  2. Good teachers possess not only the specialized subjects, but also a motive to improve their students’ life.
  3. Good teachers guide their students to see their future.
  4. Good teachers use their acquired confidence to guide their students into a passion of learning.
  5. Good teachers have the ability to maintain their planned curriculum progress in class.
  6. Good teachers like to challenge students and be challenged by students.
  7. Good teachers are open-minded.
  8. Good teachers provide students space for thinking and improving.
  9. Good teachers constantly update their knowledge and look for better ways and information to teach their students
  10. Good teachers are able to maintain their positive attitude to guide their students in any circumstances.

Confucius says – education for everyone, irrespective of background; and educate someone according to his natural ability; modify one’s way of teaching to suit the special requirements of each class or case.