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Welcome to Elementary Chinese and Culture I

Course Description

This course is an elementary Chinese course with a focus on daily life expression and cultural practices.  The course is open to students with no previous background in Chinese language.


Course Content

1. Students will learn Chinese phonetic system (Hanyu Pinyin)

2. Students will learn commonly used words which related with each pronunciation

3. Students will learn the basic grammar, phrases and sentences.

4. Students will learn to listen and speak basic spoken Chinese and be able to communicate with a certain range of common situations in Chinese.

5. Students will increase their vocabulary and sentence abilities through Chinese songs

6. Students will learn the basic writing of Chinese characters and their meanings

7. Students will learn numbers and dates.

8. Students will have “Chinese Only” parties

9. Students will share their Chinese experiences in class

10. Students will use what they have learned to create shows and plays

11. Chinese language and culture will be introduced through variety of extra activities, such as: dance, songs, games, role-play, videos, crafts, plays and group projects.


Medium of Instruction

The course will be taught bilingually in both English and Chinese, and will gradually increase the use of Chinese expression in class later.  Chinese culture will be introduced in English.  The Chinese related materials will be posted on website for students to view and practice.


• Lin’s Chinese Mandarin – Level 1 – for Adults – Pronunciation & Words; (come with download audio files); ISBN: 978-1-63048-056-1

• Lin’s Chinese Mandarin – Level 1 – for Adults – Workbook, (come with download video files); ISBN: 978-1-63048-057-8


Class Plan:

Class 1

1. Introduction to course

2. Compare the Western expressions and Chinese expressions in verbal

and nonverbal language

3. Pronunciation & Words: Lesson 1 –

4. Song: 頭、肩膀、膝、腳、趾

5. Culture: Story of Chinese New Year

6. Conversation: Words, phrases and sentences for class settings



Class 2


1. Pronunciation & Words: Lesson 2 –

2. Songs & Rhymes: 朋友在哪裡?

3. Sentences: Study the lyrics

4. Culture: Customs of Chinese New Year: What to say and what to do?

5. Conversation: Words, phrases and sentences for class settings



1. Pronunciation and Words: Lesson 1

2. Song: 頭、肩膀、膝、腳、趾

3. Culture: Chinese New Year

4. Conversation: Words, phrases and sentences for class settings



Suggested videos:

Zodiac Animals

Story of the Chinese Zodiac -

The 12 Animal Zodiac -

Chinese Zodiac Movie -

Animal Signs of the Chinese Zodiac -


New Year 1/1 (lunar calendar)

Chinese New Year -

Chinese New Year Parade 2013 San Francisco -

Chinese New Year Drum Performance 2013 -

11 Foods to Eat or Avoid When Celebrating the New Year -


Lantern Festival 1/15 (lunar calendar)

Lantern Festival -

Chinese Lantern Festival -


Qingming Festival 4/5 (lunar calendar)

Qingming Festival -

Qingming Festival -

Qing Ming Festival -


Dragon Boat Festival 5/5 (lunar calendar)

The Dragon Boat festival -

Dragon Boat Festival -

Dragon Boat Festival -


Qixi Festival 7/7 (lunar calendar)

Qixi Festival -

Qixi Festival -


ZhongYuan Festival 7/15 (lunar calendar)

Taiwan Ghost Month -


Mid-Autumn Festival 8/15 (lunar calendar)

Chinese Moon Festival -

Mid-Autumn Festival -

Mid-Autumn Festival -


Chongyang festival 9/9 (lunar calendar)

Chongyang festival -

Chongyang festival -


Traditional Clothing

Chinese HanFu -

Traditional Chinese Clothing – Han Couture -

Tang Dynasty-Chinese traditional clothing -


Stories of China