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WanQing Lin

Born in Taiwan, WanQing Lin is a teacher, author, and choreographer.  She has a master’s degree from UCLA in modern dance choreography / movement study.  She has published forty-nine Chinese language learning materials with both in Chinese traditional and simplified characters.  She teaches a variety of Chinese language and culture courses and gives lectures to Chinese teacher training programs.  Her background in dance has a very positive influence on teaching, that her classes are diverse and fun.  The use of non-verbal communication techniques in teaching verbal language classes has made her stand out with uniqueness and efficiency.   She is versatile and resourceful in guiding her students learning Chinese language and culture.  Her unique style of teaching has brought her reputation and attract many students participate in her classes.  She was awarded for “Best Chinese Teacher of the Year” at the Association of Chinese School 2012 Annual Conference, NY.   She has been reported by variety of Chinese newspapers on her contribution to the Chinese teacher training programs.



University of California Los Angeles

Master of Arts in Modern Dance Choreography and Movement Study


Other publications in Taiwan:

Articles for the Feng-Ya-Song Educational Institute Digest in Taiwan:

– “Left Brain, Right Brain, Creativity and Education” published weekly

– “Self-Esteem, Performance and Daily Life” published weekly

– “The Importance of Movement Training” published biweekly

– “Modern Education in Taiwan” published monthly

– “Teach Children at Home” published monthly

– “Teach Children Etiquette” published monthly

– “Love and Education” published monthly


Articles for magazines in Taiwan:

– “Dance, Movement, Mind and Life” Moving University monthly Magazine

– “Hit No More Please!” Zen-Ben Magazine

– “How I Teach My Daughter at Home” Zen-Ben Magazine

– “Ways to Enjoy Your Life” New Woman Monthly Magazine


Columns for Newspapers in Taiwan:

– “Movement Talks” published weekly, the Liberty Times

– “Correct Fitness and Injury Prevention” published weekly, United Daily News

– “Movements Diagnosis” published weekly, the Liberty Times

– “Something You Should Know” published weekly, China Times

– “Enjoy Your Relationships” China Times Express


California Dance Educators Association Newspost, U.S.A.

– “Dance Technique Education and the Development of Creativity”